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Increasing Sales and Profits

No matter what the size of your company or organisation, your internet marketing and advertising campaigns are a critical part of your business development strategy.


Increasing Sales and Profits >>

IRUN makes sure you invest your limited resources wisely, only use the tools you need, and don't waste your money and end up with an 'unbalanced combination' of tools and services.

IRUN will work with you to;
- Develop business growth plans that work.
- Deliver the tools and services you need.
- Create a long term partnership to ensure your success.

IRUN provides advice AND does all the hard work on your behalf.

Business Growth Strategies that Work >>

What exactly is an ideal customer for your business?  Why should someone buy from you, rather than your competition?  What's the optimum mix of tools and ongoing activities for your business?

Before you spend a penny on marketing whether conventional or on-line you owe it to yourself to be sure you don't spend your money unwisely, before you spend, you need a plan, and a way to measure the return on any money you invest.

Far too many business owners find they are talking to potential suppliers, all of whom promise the world, but few genuinely take the time to step back and work out what it really needs to increase sales and profits.  

All to frequently money is squandered on 'lead generation' strategies with little or no thought about the most valuable asset and sales opportunity a business possess - existing customers.

Cost Effective Business Communications >>

There are only 7 ways to grow your business but there is one thing that is critical, you need to be communicating in a cost effective manner with your existing clients, and with prospective new clients.

To do this means you need to use the communications media your customers use, email, social media, printed materials, and of course word of mouth.  Far too many companies blow the budget on the up front investment and keep nothing in reserve - the smart business owner or manager maintains a balance and focusses most of their attention on the ongoing monthly work necessary to effectively communicate with customers and potential customers.

The 7 ways to grow a business?

  1. Increase the number of leads the business generates
  2. Improve the conversion rate of leads into customers  3.  Increase the average
  3. Increase the average sales value
  4. Increase the average gross profit margin on each sale
  5. Increase the number of sales
  6. Improve customer retention, (don't lose them so soon)
  7. Get all your customers to give you more referrals

Long Term Partnership to Ensure Success >>

If you want someone to prepare your accounts you go to an accountant, if you have a legal problem you consult a lawyer.  Isn't Increasing sales and profitability THE most important thing for your business?  Far too important to be left to chance, or given to amateurs to look after...

To successfully grow your business you need all three elements of what makes IRUN unique:

  • A solid plan with the 'optimum' level of work, not too much, and not too little and an agreed method to ensure that the returns, the increased profitability, more than pays for any extra investment.
  • Tools and systems to get the message out there, and to stay in communication with your target audience, customers and prospective new customers.
  • Someone to make sure the work gets done every month, leaving you and your team to concentrate on what really matters, serving customers, collecting money and banking profits.

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