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Collecting & Publishing Customer Feedback

The IRUN Referral System is GUARANTEED to increase your sales and profits.

Easy to use the Referral System is the most effective way for a business to collect customer feedback and referrals.

IRUN provide everything you need: a simple way to collect feedback, referrals and testimonials from your customers.  We automatically publish your testimonials online via your website(s) and boost your search engine ranking and social media profile.

Gathering customer feedback is essential to the success of your business...

The IRUN Referral System provides your business with the following:

  • A fully managed, impartial way to get FEEDBACK from your most important critic, your customer
  • An easy way to request REFERRALS from customers your best source of new customers
  • Improve and strengthen your website content and search engine optimisation
  • Automate your Social Media activity the best source of "electronic word of mouth"
  • Collect valuable information from clients - get them to tell you what they think you need to do to improve your business
  • An effective tool to systematically measure and hence manage customer satisfaction

If your business would benefit from improved sales from referrals, improved customer satisfaction and more sales enquiries via search engines and social media call IRUN on 01670 432006 today, or click here to have us contact you.